Foundations Recovery Center

In the spring of 1973, the Marion Halfway House opened in LaRue. It moved to Paterson Street in Marion in 1979 before the transfer to the Marion Area Counseling Center. The Marion Halfway House started out as a 6 month halfway program for a maximum of 6 men who were alcohol dependent and needed this level of intensive residential services in order to achieve recovery.

Today, The Foundations Recovery Center on Rose Avenue in Marion will allow for an increase of residential beds to 15, allowing for staff office space, individual therapy rooms, large group therapy and IOP Room, as well as other areas needed for the residential program. Programming will be able to expand as resources become available to include respite beds and community detox program.

Foundations Recovery Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is funded by the Marion County ADAMHS Board. This makes it financially accessible to anyone in Marion county. Individuals are referred to the program by physicians, social service agencies, businesses and industries, and the courts. Foundations Recovery Center provides a multi-phased treatment program designed to provide education, group and individual counseling, and introduction to self help meetings, as well as, employment and technical training.

Chemical dependency is a disease that can be treated. The guidance, supervision, and support that treatment provides leads chemically dependent individuals to discover the rewards of a life free from all mood altering chemicals.